Friday, July 14, 2006

Ob/Gyns of America: We're people pulling people out of people.

This is my favorite description of my profession. Simple and silly, but it sums it up rather well. I first saw this posted on the refrigerator door of a once-dear-friend-now-turned-backstabbing-harpy, or BH, and it is one of the better memories that I have taken from our short friendship. I'm sure this is probably going to be one of those projects that I start, grow bored with, and leave to hang out in cyberspace. This is my third attempt to do a web-blog. The first came about when I was in medical school, living alone, and attempting desperately to connect with the world outside of the god-forsaken city in which I completed my medical school training. The second was a foray into the world of myspace, which is still on life-support, but too many people that know me can read things there, and it makes me uncomfortable to talk about them there.

I have no idea why anyone would care to hear my ramblings on starting out in private practice, pretty fresh out of residency, in a small mountain town. Most likely would not. (that is definitely a sentence fragment!) I just like to play online and vent. Maybe it will be read and maybe it won't. Right now, I'm not sure that I want anyone to read it! Navigating a new town and a new hospital and a new profession, *without* the prospect of many new friends ('cause let's face it, what woman wants to hang out and have drinks with their hoohah doctor?) is daunting. This seems like a nice place to b*tch about it. So there.

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