Wednesday, January 05, 2011

And two more months slipped away...

Happy Belated New Year, blog and blog friends! I will spare you the "busy, busy" rigmarole because you've heard it all before. Needless to say, it hardly seems real that the last time I logged on to post anything on the blog was back in October! Life and time have continued to move forward at the speed of light. Over the holidays we (or, more precisely, our builder) finished building the house, we closed (i.e. hemorrhaged money), and then, for extra fun, we moved in...the week before Christmas. Why (you ask incredulously)? Because I'm insane (in the, sorry), apparently, and, more accurately, because I already had requested that week off in order to (HA, HA!) relax the week before Christmas. To add to the fun (and this torture was completely self-inflicted, by the way), we just didn't feel *right* about depriving poor little CindyLou and Bean of a Christmas tree and decorations until the week before Christmas (think of the *children!), so we bought a tree for the rental, decorated it and the rental house (including the outside, of course!), undecorated, bought a new tree for the new house, and the decorated the new house once again. I cannot vouch for my mental stability, that bit of madness was unbelievably ill-advised. Regardless, despite several snags, we arrived safely and soundly in the new house before Christmas. Santa even found us and everything! Whew!

So now, I am digging out of boxes, cursing the paper clutter and all of the things that can't be thrown away, but do not yet have a "home." Paper clutter is my true nemesis. We all love the new house. It is so nice to be in a home that is truly "ours" from the very start. Cindy Lou's bedroom is bedecked in lavenders, pinks, and fairies. Bean's is bathed in blues, "Cars" characters, and, let's not forget, monster trucks. We are very happy here, which is good, because (hear this internets) I AM NEVER MOVING AGAIN! (I hope.)

Work is going well, getting back into full swing since the holidays. I find I have so much less to complain about these days. Likely because I am not much on the front lines any more (no more midnight phone calls about cough syrup selection), I am getting more sleep, and more weekends off to play and love on my sweet little family. I still have the occasional fist-clenching moments, like the two sisters, due a week apart. The younger went into labor first, even though the older was *due* first, and the older got so p*ssed off she *refused* to come to the hospital bedside to support her sister. I mean, *dammit* she *always* gets *her* way. (These are grown ass women we are talking about here, you wouldn't believe the adolescent machinations, mostly on the part of the older sister.) Younger sister's baby ended up having an unknown health problem after delivery, which would have made me feel like a criminal that I wasn't there for *my* sister during that time. Older sister's baby was born about a week later and was *perfect,* and I got the vague impression she was feeling quite smug and justified about that. Sad, sad, sad.

There was also the patient whose MIL jumped all over me when, after going to have a "for fun" ultrasound where the US tech said the cord *might* be around or near the baby's neck, I tried to explain that, if indeed the cord was around the neck, there was not a thing in the world I could do about it! I spent 30 minutes with the patient and her MIL, even obtained a (completely normal and beautifully reactive) NST. At the MIL's visit to my partner the next week (for her own medical care) she expressed to them how I just "rushed" them right through the appointment, and how her DIL needed "more TLC" from our practice. GAH! The unmitigated *gall* of that woman! I give up. Haven't seen her or DIL since, and I'm not crying about that one little bit.

So anyway, time marches on...double numbers are luck for me, so I think 2011 is going to be a good one. Maybe, just maybe, I can lose the rest of that weight, organize my life, de-clutter, become a great cook, run a marathon, found a charity organization, and still find the time to be the world's best wife, mother, and doctor. Hmmmmm, probably not! Good to be back, and I hope to write more in the coming year. Hope you are still out there and listening!