Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Rhythm of Life

Just enjoying another wedding rehearsal, driving home, singing at the top of our lungs several different songs, and these lyrics just never fail to speak to me. I had to post them on the blog to get them out of my head! Happy Weekend!

The rhythm of life
Heaven withstanding and smiling we're all swept away
The rhythm of life
Is not so demanding as some caught in narrows would say

Fragile as ships as we pass through Gibraltar
The sirens have long given way
Dark as the murky graveyard of sailors
Whispering secrets told in the crashing waves

The beating of hearts
Set walls to trembling the power of silence persuades
The stumbling feet
Stagger predestined we all end up wild eyed and crazed

And from the madness most jaded of vision
Reflections of horror invade
Running and falling relinquish your venom
The antidote surely will cause your affliction to fade

How little we know of what we are blessed with
Our shimmering island it turns
How little we look at what we see clearly
Of tragedy's lessons not learned

Sleeping through classes we'll make it up later
There's still so much time left to go
Misguided roses we bloom in October
Emerging triumphant in time for the season's first snow

The rhythm of life, how little we know of the
Rhythm of life
How little do we know of the rhythm of life.

~ Edwin McCain


The Tundra PA said...

I forget now how I first found your blog, but have been lurking about for a while now, reading your current posts and archives. I enjoy your writing and your voice, and have blogrolled you on my blog, Tundra Medicine Dreams. Just wanted you to know.

I hosted Grand Rounds this week; stop by for a yummy smorgasbord of medical blogs! I hope to see you in future Grand Rounds. Welcome to the medblogosphere...

medstudentitis said...

And happy weekend to you too!

Guinness_Girl said...

Ha. Anytime I think of Edwin McCain, I remember leading the pack (I think with you and your little sis in it!) backstage at Floyd's to introduce ourselves to the band. Ha.

dr. whoo? said...

Hi Tundra! Thanks for blogrolling and for tagging me! I was probably so prolific, I'll never be tagged again. Now that I'm done writing a novel on music, I'll check out Grand Rounds.

Medstudentitis~ Is it wrong to want it to be the weekend again already? Hope you had a great one!

GG~ I know! I totally remember that, and still have the autographed picture and set list. Ah, the days of band groupie-dom.