Saturday, December 16, 2006


I hate to admit it, but I am an envious person these days. Instead of stressing about Christmas card lists, I will instead list people of whom I am jealous:

~people whose job resides within the confines of 8 to 5

~people that don't have to work at all

~one of my colleagues that is working in a large group and only has call one weekday each week and one weekend each month

~every person that has their holiday shopping/decorating/baking done

~anyone whose Christmas tree has not fallen over (twice) this season, thus destroying countless ornaments and hence appearing as though the Grinch has attempted to stuff said tree up the chimbley

~my patients that lounge upon my exam table (in their pajamas, no less) and proclaim how the hour of 10 am is "sooooooo early" to be at an appointment

~my patients with the unmitigated gall to start asking for medical maternity leave at 8 weeks gestation because they are just "way too tired" to work

~anyone whose job perks include having every single holiday off...Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, etc. Not to mention everyone whose job guarantees every single weekend without work obligation

~organized people (like those crazy people from whom I received Christmas cards in freaking November!)

~clean people

~people with time in their life to sleep, to exercise, and to prepare healthy meals for their families

~Fat Doctor, who has spent the last few weeks making the conference rounds at fun locations (so jealous!)

~people that aren't so whiny and complain-y as I

~people that can brush their teeth without fear of yakking

~people that know how their pregnancy is progressing without fear or worry

All right, enough pity party for now. Lest the strident objections about how I "chose" this lifestyle and "knew what I was getting into" when I became a physician arise, let me say that there really is no way to anticipate how difficult this kind of life can truly be until you are actually living it and unable to turn around and choose again without serious repercussions. I would say that 90% of the time I love my life, and wouldn't change a thing. Sometimes, that 10% that I would like to change gets a little vocal. I have so many blessings in my life for which to be grateful, so maybe I should start listing them when I start feeling my green-eyed monster stirring about.

Now I must do some serious internet Christmas shopping. I don't think anyone in my life would be getting any presents at all if not for the wondrous internet. I heart shopping online. Happy weekend to all!


Jawndoejah said...

I am truly sorry you are having problems in your pregnancy...and the fear. I know the fear. It was something I tried to keep ahold of, but could not because the issue of worry is first of all a child (my child) and the unknown is with you wherever you go. You probably would do well to find someone to confide in for these fears. The pregnancy loss board helped me, but I am not a doctor, just a regular person. You might need the emotional outlet somewhere...wish I could help with that but again, I'm just a regular person. I can tell you to quit checking the toilet paper, and to quit worrying if you don't happen to gag on toothpaste or if your breasts stop hurting. I could tell you that, but I know I've been there and I couldn't stop worrying. Only when I had medical assurance that everything was okay at week 18 (sonogram) did I let myself relax. You are a doctor, it may be harder to fool yourself since you know how it can all go. I just picked a date and decided to feel better, and knew it would have to be after my 16 week loss mark. It worked for me, but the nice man who told me to stop worrying at the same time helped immensely.

Blessings to you and your belly bean!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dr. Whoo it will get better. Blame it on the hormones (at least that is what my dr tried to tell me). I certainly am not going to lay the blame on ya for choosing your profession. What would pregnant women do if people didn't do that? Our Christmas tree was moved to the playroom as my 17 month old has a fascination with it and keeps trying to either climb up it or take all the ornaments off. I can shut the door to the playroom so she can't get in.

2 Questions:

People REALLY go to the dr's office in their pajamas??? I felt bad about going in sweats and a tshirt after my lap, but that was the only thing that was comfy on the incisions.

People REALLY ask for maternity leave at 8 weeks??? Man I was exhausted and puking everyday and I just dealt with it. I came home from work and crashed till the next morning when I wasn't puking. Jeez I felt bad about finally giving in at 30 weeks and going on bedrest (my drs would have much preferred me to have gone out at 26 weeks and both have told me I'll be on bedrest by 26 weeks in the next pregnancy.)

Ok, I could never have your job because I would want to kill someone. You have my upmost admiration. :)

Anonymous said...

we love your blog and you too,take care!

Laura said...

it is so true that we never really know what we are getting ourself into when we choose a certain path in life be it marriage, family or a career. i totally comiserate with you on many of those rants....well, some of them i can only imagine because i am not a doctor but i am a nurse and i did draw the short straw working 7p-7a thanksgiving, christmas eve and christmas day this year.
hope you get the shopping done.

Fat Doctor said...

If it helps to ease your jealousy, Palm Beach was cold and cloudy. And I didn't see anybody even remotely resembling the real Elvis in Vegas. There, does that help? :)

DrWes said...

OB/Gyn Kenobi -
Here's something to get you in the mood for shopping! You've been tagged.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you back, no matter how whiny ;) I think my archives will reveal a post in a similar vein sans pregnancy since those days are long gone for me.

Buck up camper, bright skies are up ahead! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, sweet friend, I'm sorry! I wish I could hug you right now.

I heart me some internet shopping, too.

dr. whoo? said...

jawndoejah~ Thank you for all of your kindness and support. You are making me all teary! Believe it or not, doctors are "regular people" too! I'm afraid that poor Mr. Whoo has borne the brunt of my fears, but his shoulders are broad, and he can take the burden.

Seeing the heartbeat makes me feel quite a bit better. I'll likely not stop worrying completely, but I feel more confident in this pregnancy every day that it persists. Thanks again for your care and kindness, they mean so much.

missgamecock~ Ah, yes, hormones...that's the ticket. Hee. The Christmas tree problem, unfortunately, is that the tree is too big for the stand. It is falling over of it's own volition...the cats and CindyLou have been very well behaved around the tree. (I think they are scared it will fall on them!)

As for your questions:

Yes, unequivocally, women come to my office in their pjs. Especially if their appointment is before noon.

Also yes, some women assume that pregnancy is an illness, and therefore being pregnant alone constitutes a reason to cease work. I, like you, fought against going on bedrest. Stupid work ethic.

anon~ Aw, thank you! I promise to get back to medical blogging and less whiny me-me-me-ness very soon! Thanks for reading :)

amy1970~ Seriously, y'all are making me all verklempt. Thanks for all of the good thoughts and finger crossing. I just *know* that it helped! Mr. Green Eyed Monster is safely back in his cage...for now. ;)

laura~ Man, that holiday schedule *does* suck! I'm so sorry. I just don't know what else I would do as a living (other than independently wealthy lottery winner, that is) if I stopped being an OB/GYN, so I take the good and the bad. Sometimes the scale tips favorably, sometimes not. The shopping is (nearly) for the wrapping. (groan)

FD~ Hmmmm, does that help? Nah. Well, no Elvis, so...ok, maybe marginally. ;) Hope you've arrived home safe and sound.

Dr. Wes~ Ack! Ok, this tag looks fun. Maybe I'll even get to it before Dec. 25th.

frectis~ Consider me "bucked up." I just have to let the bad feelings out, or they sit around and drive my blood pressure into unhealthy ranges.

GG~ You are such a sweetheart. Nice thank you card by the way! :) Now I have your I can mail you a Christmas card...probably after Christmas sometime. ;)

Anne said...

O.K., I'm jealous, I think you have a cool job.