Sunday, February 18, 2007

Weepy and Lazy

That pretty much sums up the mood for the weekend. To say that I am uninspired would be an understatement. I have a to-do list half a mile long, and all I want to do is laze about on the couch, watch all of my TiFauxed shows, read Television Without Pity, blogs, and watch the snow fall outside. Is that so wrong? I did deliver 9 babies this week, gestated one of my own, and spent my Valentine's day in the hospital (taking care of patients). Never mind that I desperately need to go through eighteen stacks of unread magazines, junk mail, and medical journals. Never mind that I cannot see the floor over half of my bedroom. Disregard the fact that, while it is clean (thanks to Mr. Whoo), the laundry is unfolded in multiple different baskets from which we have been fishing all week long. I don't wanna work, I want to play online all day.

Emotionally, I know the pregnancy hormones are starting to permeate the brain, because I can't watch a damn thing without becoming a boo-hooing, snotty, sobbing mess. Second to last episode of The O.C. ? (shut up, I know) Bawled like a baby. Grey's Anatomy? Blubber city (and I don't even particularly like Meredith). We even watched the Adam Sandler movie, Click, and I couldn't stop shudder-sighing for 10 minutes straight. Add that to the requisite crying in church, and I'm the queen of emotionality. I am becoming my mother. I am very afraid.

CindyLou has been ever the source of comic relief, however. This week she has told her class at daycare all week long that I have no less than 3 babies in my belly at this given moment (I know it is getting big, but 3???) Another gem, we were driving past the mall and she asked to go shopping. I remarked "You are quite the shopper, aren't you?" To which she knitted her eyebrows fiercely and stated in her most indignant tone, "No I'm not a shopper, I'm CindyLou Whoo!" She also sings Guster's "Careful" at the top of her lungs, and singsongs "CindyLou is cuuuute!" Well, she is cute, and I guess we tell her that a lot. She is so much fun (when she isn't being defiant), and I love listening to the way her mind works. We are truly blessed as a family, and, well, there go the tears again.

I have been lurking on blogs, but not commenting, because then you would know that I am not too lazy to read other people's blogs, just too lazy to write my own. I've been a little frightened of the keywords by which my site is being searched. If you want to be a voyeur (see hidden videos, etc.) in an OB/GYN office you have serious issues. Yuck. Get some help, please. For the record, oh person that searches "snow tubing while pregnant" every living weekend, in general, gentle sloping tube runs should be safe enough in your first trimester, after that the uterus is no longer protected by the bony pelvis, and you may risk injuring the baby if you have a fall or direct impact to your belly. I truly hope this helps. Well, now it is time to snuggle with the cats and check the snow report for tomorrow. CindyLou and Mr. Whoo have President's Day off, but I, alas, do not. My only hope is for it to snow so much that the patients do not wish to risk driving to the office. Hey, a girl can dream, can't she? Have a great week!


Shawnee said...

CindyLou Whoo sounds like quite the little comedian, like her mom.

jmb said...

Glad to see you've surfaced again. Mind you, how you live such a busy working life, have a child and husband and blog, and gestate a new little one, is beyond me.
I am usually a lurker, but can't resist if I see zero comments.
I put you on bloglines feed a while ago, because I kept coming over, only to be disappointed.
Take care of yourself and your precious loved ones, especially the "not quite here yet" one.
jmb (The Zero Slasher)

Shawnee said...

Glad to know I am not the only lurker around here! But I guess now I have just blown that by commenting haha.

S. said...

Cindylou sounds totally cute, I had so much fun with my daughter at that age too!

Yikes about those searches...people are freaky...

Hope you have an uneventful President's day!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I hope you're feeling better, my friend. Big hugs from Philly.

Anonymous said...

"I'm not a shopper, I'm Cindy Lou Whoo" is similar to something my son said. I was making dinner, and he was in the living room. I called out to him "Dinner is almost ready, okey dokey?" His response: "I'm not okey dokey, I'm {insert first and last name}!"

dr. whoo? said...

shawnee~ Hi! Me? Comedian or smartass? ;) CindyLou *is* quite the comedian, and often tells us so,"I *funny* Mom and Dad!" I'm glad that you ceased to lurk, even if for a little bit.

jmb~ Thank you so much for reading and delurking! I know I'm not the most consistent of bloggers, so thanks for sticking with me. I'm not certain how to classify myself. Mommy blogger? Mememe blogger? Doctor blogger? Who knows? Bloglines, huh? I'll have to educate myself.

s.~ It's funny because every age that she has been, we've said "Oh *this* is the best age." She is such a neat little kiddo, and I love watching her grow up. Amen on the freaky people...I get hits for all kinds of gross things. Sickos.

GG~ Aww, thanks for the hugs, for I surely need them. I hope we can get together in person sometime soon.

3carnations~ Hee! So cute! Gotta love this age. Mr. Whoo and I are "Daddy Whoo" and "Mommy Whoo" to CindyLou. As far as she knows, those are our first names. Love it.