Sunday, June 10, 2007

8 Random Things

Let me begin the post with apologies for the delay in responding to the tag by Medstudentitis; she is a great blogger and I'd hate for her to think that I was ignoring the tag! I'm sure that I am probably repeating myself with some of these "random things," as I have an embarrassing tendency to allow all of my inner random-ness hang out all over the place on this blog.

1. I am an introvert. If you want to get really particular, my Keirsey temperament profile is INFJ. This seems strange, I know, being in a profession that requires so much social interaction. I am quite easily fatigued by socialization and feel like I have to be "on" in social situations at all times. I much prefer small group settings to big parties. I require a certain amount of time to recharge and regroup either alone or just with my family. I love to just read, veg out in PJs, and just *be*. Now, don't get me wrong, I can be sociable with the best of them, it just really drains me emotionally. Sometimes I think having my job and an extrovert for a husband keeps me from being a total internet hermit full time!

2. I met Mr. Whoo in an online college football chat room. We were email buddies for about 9 months before we met in person and our relationship took a more romantic turn. We met online back in 1997, a time when internet dating was more fodder for Jerry Springer than mainstream, so we kept it kind of quiet until it became more acceptable. The best thing about emailing and chatting during the initial stages of our relationship is the solid foundation of friendship that we built, even before all of the physical attraction got started. Our friendhip is the rock of our marriage, and after all this time, he is still my best friend in the whole world. Aw.

3. I stubbornly dated the wrong guy throughout high school and college (7-ish years), thus stunting my dating experience dramatically. Don't get me wrong, he was a good enough guy, he just wasn't the right guy for me, and never would be, try as I may. I hate to say that those years were wasted, because the lessons that I learned from that relationship were invaluable, but I never had to work so hard to keep a relationship going. The relationship ended when, after seven odd years of dating, he told me he didn't know if he *ever* wanted to marry me. Crushing. I was devastated, but then I finally "got it" and moved on. Ironically enough, the week after that conversation took place, I had my first internet conversation with Mr. Whoo. There is a line in a Sister Hazel song that always reminds me of my first relationship - "You were the one who taught me what I don't need, and I thank you, I thank you for that."

4. In another lifetime, I was a competitive cheerleader. Seriously. I started cheering in the South at the ripe old age of ten. We practiced 4 hours a day for competitions during the summer months. I cheered through Junior High and High School, co-captaining the Varsity and Competitive Squads. I choreographed routines and lifts and cheers in my spare time. I coached a mini-squad and took them to competition. I went to a college cheer camp at the University of Kentucky and seriously considered trying out for my college squad...until I discovered I could either be a cheerleader or a Biology major. (Cheerleaders couldn't have Friday classes due to travel obligations, and all science courses were M, W, F.) I guess it's obvious how that decision worked out. No regrets here, either.

5. People fascinate me. I love to get a peek into someone's inner psyche. It is a large reason that I became a physician. I like to know what makes someone tick, literally and figuratively. From an early age, I was always the "counselor" of all of my friends. I think this is why I am so addicted to reality shows, reading blogs and message boards, and just plain people watching. Undoubtedly I am not alone, as I believe that this is the case for most Bloggers and blogging fans. Some people rock, and some people suck, but all people are interesting in one way or another.

6. One day, I'd like to write a book. I'm not really certain what I would write about, and I'm really not certain that anyone but my family and friends would want to read it. I just love books, and I love to write, and if I ever win the lottery and/or become independently wealthy, I'd like to write a book. I'll probably end up like Chevy Chase in Funny Farm, but that would be fun too.

7. I'm not really a "kid person." In fact, for a long time in my younger days, I swore that I would never have children. Then I met Mr. Whoo, and I decided that there was someone in this world with whom it was worth procreating. Don't get me wrong, I love CindyLou and we have fun together, and obviously I'm having another one, but I still don't know what to *do* with kids, especially in a group setting. I have the patience of a 3 year old...I know this because I have one, and sometimes, she's more patient than I!

8. I really love the *idea* of being outdoors, but the reality? Not so much. I love the scenery, but not the nitty gritty realities. Some outdoor activities are fun, like white water rafting, even canoeing. It is fun to hike, but I don't really want to camp unless there is air conditioning and a toilet involved. Bugs squick me out. I hate to be hot. I sunburn in 8.2 minutes flat. I guess that you could say that I love the great outdoors from a distance.

If anyone is still reading, I hereby tag anyone that didn't do this a month ago, when it first started making the rounds. Happy Sunday!


medstudentitis said...

Thanks for responding. I'd totally forgotten :) I like your story of how you met Mr. Whoo - not the typical met at a bar story!

Anonymous said...

I am surprised about the introvert thing, especially with the way you write. You seem very expressive and open. Maybe your inner extrovert trying to get out?

I have to ask because it is a source of curiosity for me about competitive cheerleading... How much of it was internal drive, and how much of it was parental pressure, at least at first? There has been so much talk of the "backstage mother" pushing the kid, and the time required for those competitve groups is much higher than the average kid will spend without pressure...

Anonymous said...

Oh my God...
You're ME!

PS: except for the cheerleading thing :P

Anonymous said...

Had an OB appointment today and we are doing okay based. Baby had heartbeat again found on the side (I have an anterior placenta, and I really believe it's right smack in the front). Baby kicks at the fundus, cervix (so mean) and on both sides. She's never found the heartbeat in the middle, it's always to one side.

Though the peri didn't want to do any more sonograms, my OB scheduled one in office for two weeks from now. Probably not a level 2 and no echocardiogram. I am sure she'll have measurements done, and will have them look for abnormalities as best they can...and fluid levels, placenta info. Hopefully they'll be about as specific as a level 2. Also, if there is any marker, I am going to push for amnio.

I did ask about other conditions that it might be with a trisomy 18 screen, she didn't really talk about much. I know about a skin disorder and Smith Lemli-Opitz. I read about another thing after birth where babes have died similar to PKU or another issue like that with metabolism/protiens something like that. I asked about testing for that as some babies have had neonatal death after looking good on day one and then they suddenly go downhill (these with trisomy 18 screens). She suggested I talk to my pedi about it. I just want to cover all my bases.

Dawn (Jawndoejah)

Anonymous said...

Don't get rid of your blog! I'd hate to see this go. You don't reference anything specifically enough for it to EVER be an issue. And many of us OBGYNs can identify.

Good luck getting through a hot, humid, pregnant summer.

dr. whoo? said...

medstudentitis~ Ha! Strangely enough, when we finally met in person, we *did* meet in a little Irish restaurant/bar. Whenever we are in that area we try to go back and have dinner there.

disappearing john~ Hi! Ah, well the internet is (mostly) anonymous and somewhat "safe," so it is quite easy for me to be expressive in this venue. The added bonus is no pressure for an immediate response, and I can be "on" in fits and starts, at my discretion. Thanks for the compliment on the writing, though! :) Once you get to know me well, and the guard comes down, the me you see on the blog is pretty much who I am. Most don't get that far, though.

As for the cheerleading, I have to say that it was completely internal drive. I absolutely loved it. My parents encouraged me in dance, piano, softball, and other activities. Cheerleading was the one that really stuck. I thrived on the competition, and was upset that I didn't get to have more formal instruction in gymnastics.

My mother was much more of an academic "stage mother" than a performance one (and look where I ended up, ha!)

alasse~ Hee! I knew I couldn't be the only weirdo out here in the world! :)

hi Dawn~ I think it is a great idea to contact your pediatrician about a more comprehensive metabolic panel in addition to other testing. I'm not familiar with conditions that mimic Trisomy 18 as far as genetic markers, so I'm of no assistance I'm afraid. Hang in there and keep on researching!

Hi anon~ Thank you so much for your kind words! This blog is not going away, I'm just taking a little more time in between posting clinical cases and naturally, doing a little more navel-gazing as I approach my own due date! I hope you keep reading, and I will do my best to keep my clinical posts as general as possible. Also thanks for the good luck, looks like I am going to need it!