Saturday, June 02, 2007

Still alive, still pregnant, still whiny

Is it really June already? I'm not ready for it to be summer! The last few weeks have been (SSDD, I know) a whirlwind of work, catching babies, visiting family, and minor freak outs about the status of the medical blogging community in general and about my blog in particular. It is difficult for me to even see hits from the same *state* on my stat counter without getting antsy about being "found out." I debated stopping altogether, but I miss blogging and talking to you all out in blogland. I guess that I was never organized enough about blogging to figure out what I wanted this blog to be, a mommy blog? A doctor blog? Educational? Entertainment? To tell the truth, more than anything I approached it like my own personal journal, an outlet for all of the jumbled thoughts in my brain that I need to spill and sort out in black and white. A journal that talks back ! (The coolest part of all.) So, I think that is what it will continue to be, with major alteration of details surrounding the particulars of my job. I think I can live with that. We shall see.

So let's catch up. On a personal note, I am 32 weeks and 2 days. The Bean has hiccups regularly, and I am convinced that he is still in transverse lie. I've been measuring almost 2 weeks ahead for the last few appointments, and I am dying to know how much this kid is going to weigh. (Did I mention that I don't have free access to an ultrasound machine, so I am at the mercy of the insurance/physician order just like every other pregnant woman? Shameful. I'm dying over here.) The "due any day now" comments are coming fast and furious, along with the shock and mock horror when I tell them that I still have at least 8 weeks to go. People can be so jerky to pregnant women, it's unreal. It continues to be a real test to patiently listen and empathize with my whiny pregnant patients, being a whiny pregnant person, myself. More than once, when asked when their maternity leave should start, I've stifled the urge to quip "You can't stop working until *I* stop working." Ha. I would never say this out loud, but it's fun to fantasize about. I had a very busy delivery month in May, and I am looking forward to having only half as many patients due in June. Pregnancy symptoms include lots of contractions (but a negative fetal fibronectin, so all is well), sciatic pain, mild pubic symphysis diastasis discomfort, cankles, borderline elevated BP (130-140s/80s), and killer heartburn. I am happy to report that I am no longer puking, even on a weekly basis.

Remember the less than stellar med student that I posted about a while back as an example of what not to do? Not too long ago, that very same student cornered me in the Doctor's Lounge and proceeded to tell me how "shocked" they were at the grade that I had given them. (For the record, it was in the ballpark of an 85 percent. I felt that I was more than generous for the work the student did!) I got treated to a talk of woe, that they had really, really wanted to do OB/GYN and my grade didn't place them at the top, where they believed they should be. I also heard about how the grade I gave them was the worst grade they had ever received. (Which shocked the hell out of me, leading me to believe that this student must have been allowed to slide by with being "cute" and "sassy" because their clinical knowledge and work ethic was sub par, as far as I could see.) I was as gracious as I could possibly be, and stated that it was possible that I was a stricter grader than the student's prior preceptors, and I encouraged them to pursue recommendations and work hard in their 4th year electives in OB/GYN. Then I politely excused myself before their audacity completely caused me to lose all composure and give them a real piece of my mind. Now I wonder if it would have been better to just lay it all out for them, because, really, I am not doing them any favors, allowing them to think that they were the best student around, and I am just a mean, hard-grading jerk of a preceptor. (No, it isn't me, it's *you.*) I just suck at unexpected confrontation. I need time to formulate coherent arguments, otherwise, I tend to just make off the cuff, not so nice, and certainly not constructive comments. Ah well, just thought it would amuse y'all to hear the update.

I am off this weekend, and Mr. Whoo and I are about to tackle the master closet. A project a long time coming, accelerated by the fact that an entire rack of clothes fell off the wall this past week, requiring immediate attention. Sigh. Home improvement sucks.


arturo said...

Hello Dr. Whoo,

I'm glad you and the baby are doing fine! About your privacy issues, you might want to make this a private blog where only selected readers can have access to it.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted you to know that I was out here in blogland. I don't remember how I found your blog, but I love it. Please keep bloging.You are a wonderful writer. Good luck with the upcoming birth of your son!!
Charlotte, NC

Amanda said...

Oh, the "almost done!" comments, second only to the "you're still pregnant?" comments. Delightful.

I always wanted to answer the "still pregnant" queries by saying, "Actually, I had the baby weeks ago. But I like the maternity look so I've strapped a pillow on under here..."

It didn't help that both my kids were born well after their due dates (11 and 12 days after, specifically). Once that due date passes, every day you continue to gestate appears to be a marvel to onlookers. Yes, the kid's still here. Yes, I'm tired of being pregnant, especially as the kid's camped out on my sciatic nerve...

Sorry for the ramble, and sorry to hear about the cankles. Those suck.

Judy said...

If someone gave me a grade I thought I didn't deserve, I'd ask how I could improve, not WHY they didn't think I was perfect.

Thanks for not giving a better grade to the med student. What nerve!

8 weeks. That's not so long - but when I was pregnant, it seemed like forever. I worked until I went into labor with the first 2. I went maternity leave at 38 weeks with #3, but that was more about being 40 than being pregnant. That and a conference I wanted to attend.

3carnations said...

Glad to hear things are progressing fairly smoothly.

Hope your closet project went well. We had a shelf collapse on our CD cabinet...That's kind of similar, right? :)

It must be hard to maintain complete professionalism with your pregnant patients. I could see you wanting to, when they have a complaint of a symptom, saying "I have that, too! Isn't it awful!"

Kimberly said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am from your state, and I am not in any way associated w/ the medical community. Just a grad student in an unrelated field that is obsessed with the whole "one day soon getting to have babies" thing. I check your blog a lot, b/c I find the birth stories fascinating. So maybe that will bring you some piece of mind about at least SOME of the hits from your state:)

Midwife with a Knife said...

YAY!! 32 weeks. Out of the scary time. :)

ReetzS said...

Thanks for the update. I've missed you and been a little concerned with your absence. Good to know all is well.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the med student. One day he/she will thank you. I'm a college professor and I get those same comments..."worst grade I've ever gotten" etc. Stand your ground.

Unknown said...

I love reading your blog and hearing about your life. I'm beginning my residency in OB/Gyn in just a few weeks. I enjoy reading about both the highlights and also the difficulties of your career and it helps me understand what I've gotten myself into. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy and I'll be reading your blog over the next few years in my down town between deliveries. Thanks for writing your blog and giving a voice to the emotions that many of us feel as health care providers.
Krista P., M.D.