Monday, October 22, 2007

Eight More Random Things About Me

This is long overdue, sorry Mark ! I think I did this one a while back, too. I'm out of the office this morning (1st true sick day that I've taken in about 8 years) with a high temp and pukiness from the mastitis (woo!) so this will be a good way to distract me from how crappy I feel.

1. When I first started medical school, I thought I wanted to be a dermatologist. Good hours, good pay, good lifestyle, etc. I had it all figured out...until I worked my first derm clinic. Granted, I did my medical training in a huge city with a lot of indigent care and really sick people, but the things I saw in that clinic grossed me out beyond measure. I came home itchy every single day, and before the rotation was finished, I picked up a nice case of ringworm to boot. Thus ended my grand career in dermatology. I think it worked out pretty well, but oh how I pine for 9-5 office hours.

2. I am powerless over potato chips. There, I said it. I can resist sweets, cake, cookies, and even ice cream, but I cannot resist any kind of chip. If I walk past a bag or a bowl, I must indulge. My favorites are sour cream and cheddar, with Doritos running a close second. Love. Sigh. And I wonder why the weight isn't coming off?

3. I love to sing, but I am not very good at it. Mr. Whoo and I sing to the kids all the time and make up goofy songs to current radio hits to make them laugh. When CindyLou was a baby, we sang "Let's Get it Started" and "Crazy In Love" (the uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-oh part, especially) with altered lyrics to her. We also sing a bath version of "Oh My Darling, Clementine" with body parts (such as "wash your bottom, wash your bottom, wash your bo-ttom, CindyLou.) With Bean, so far the favorite is "Ridin' Dirty" (but we sing "gotta catch him wet and dirty...") Dorks, I know!

4. I am the proud owner of a karaoke machine, and Mr. Whoo and have been known to take it with us when we travel and subject our friends to our caterwauling. Our friends usually join right in! My favorite karaoke machine memory is once, after I had gone to sleep, I woke up to hear the guys singing the theme song to "Growing Pains" on the karaoke machine. Priceless.

5. On a somewhat related note, I am the master of remembering lyrics. Seriously, I am the *true* reigning "Singing Bee" champion. Unfortunately, my expertise is somewhat limited to the songs of the 80s and 90s. I can get some popular 70s songs, but when it comes to disco, I am totally clueless. It amazes me that I can remember all of these lyrics, but can't easily cram new medical knowledge into my overstuffed brain. I do occasionally memorize facts to a tune. That seems to stay with me.

6. I am a binge shopper. I would say that 90% of the time, I'm not a big shopper. I dislike going to the mall. I do not get a rush out of buying new clothes. In fact, I could really do without clothes shopping altogether. (This is probably partially due to the gargantuan proportions of my posterior.) However, when I do shop (especially for things for the house), it is like I cannot stop. I blow a ton of money, suffer a shopping hangover, and don't shop again for months. Does anyone else do this?

7. Sometimes I feel like I have just a small tinge of psychic ability. Nothing that I can control consciously, but sometimes I just know things are going to happen. I also have dreams that come true on occasion. I wish I could tap into it more, but for now I guess it is like a step above intuition.

8. I can't even do a sick day right. I'm into my sick day one hour already, with a temp of 102 and a round of GI distress early this morning, and I find myself planning all the chores that I can get done today. It is pathological. My body wants to lie on the couch and watch "The Price is Right," but my mind is thinking about laundry. I just feel guilty about being sick. How sad is that?

I don't tag anyone since this me me is 3 months overdue, but I hope that this peek into my warped psyche was entertaining. Now for TPIR...or maybe some laundry.....


Type (little) a aka Michele said...

HA! #6 is so me!!!

I'm cracking up that dermatology is grosser that obstetrics and gyn!!


Margaret Polaneczky, MD (aka TBTAM) said...

Wow we have a lot in common. I too, binge shop, but that's just because I only shop about once a year.

I also love chips, love to sing,and feel guilty when I am not going at warp speed even when I am sick.

Could it be that OB-GYN attracts a certain type of person?

Anonymous said...

What a treat to have several postings from you this month! Sorry to hear you are suffering another bout of mastitis and having Bean sick to boot. Hope you all feel better soon! On a positive note, your postings are always a treat to read as they are quite witty and funny. Even those about whining. =) The whining reminds us all that none of us can "do it all" perfectly. We're all human. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Re #1: see, I would think you'd see some pretty gross things in your line of work as well, though. Incidentally, Rob once went to a dermatologist whose name was Dr. Gross. Ha.

#2: I thought of you yesterday when someone mentioned butterfly fries.

#3: Liar. You're a pretty good singer. I love "wash your bot-tom"! HEE!!

#4: God love karaoke.

#5: I suck at lyrics. And have a tendency to make them up.

#6: Yep, I'm a binge shopper, too.

#7: I think you do, too. Remember the ouija board?

#8: Very. Get to couch ASAP. Let Mr. Whoo do the laundry.

mitchsmom said...

Yes, I'm a binge shopper... just like you described!!!

Ok, on the mastitis, we have to talk:
"What is the usual treatment for plugged ducts and mastitis?

Bed rest (preferably with baby)
Increase fluids, adequate nutrition
Get help around the house"

You're busted! You just revealed that you are not following at LEAST two of the former measures :)

GET A MAID! If you already have one, now's the time to double up the services for a while. Have them add in laundry if they don't do it already. This will help you to be able to work on the other two measures a little bit and keep yourself healthy.

As far as the baby albums, an idea: go to Snapfish, creat an album, and voila, they send it to you (not trying to sound like an ad for Snapfish, but the albums I'm talking about are pretty cool - we did this for our family trip to Mexico. It's an actual book with your pictures and captions in it... and it also has a thin profile so it doesn't take up a ton of room like albums).

No grand ideas here about the 'noles, the doula, or the jerky tertiary care doc (I work in a community OB unit and we get that sometimes too). Oh, sort of a coincidence though: one of our NURSES caught a footling breech recently ...happily it turned out ok with just a blueish foot for a little while.

Hope you are feeling better. Everyone deserves to watch some good trash TV now and then. :)

dr. whoo? said...

type little a~ Binge shoppers anonymous! :) I know it seems bizarre to think dermatology grosser than OB, but geez, you should see some of the nasty stuff that can grow on the skin. It is unreal.

TBTAM~ We *do* have a lot in commmon! How funny! I do think that OB/GYN does tend to attract a certain "type" of person. (Masochist springs presently to mind, ha!)

anon~ Aw, thank you! Bean is all better, and I am well on the way to recovery, just in time for another hellacious week. Woo! As to the whining in my blog, it helps me keep my sanity in the real world...I am certain that Mr. Whoo tires of hearing it day in and day out.

lara~ Hi! It isn't that some things in my job aren't gross...they can be, but maybe I am just desensitized. Derm stuff, on the other hand can be really icky. Bizarre, I know. Dr. Gross...ha! I also knew an OB/GYN named Dr. Bush. Ack!

I *do* remember the ouija board...that house was seriously haunted, yo. The problem with letting Mr. Whoo do the laundry is that he washes it and dries it just fine. Then he takes it out of the dryer and piles it on the top of the dryer, the bed, or the floor, doesn't fold it, and it gets cold and wrinkly. I do not iron, so then it usually ends up getting washed all over again. Ah, well.

a.~ You are right, I am busted. My lifestyle doesn't lend itself very well to self-care, I am afraid. I do have a cleaning lady that comes every other week to do the heavy cleaning, but she does not do laundry...or clutter. My life is dominated by clutter (both physical and mental!)

Great idea about Snapfish! Thank you, I will definitely check that out!

Too cool that you had a nurse catch a footling breech without serious complications...scary stuff though.

Thanks for sympathizing with me and my silly woes. I should be happy that my big complaints involve agonizing over my hapless football team. My life overall is amazingly blessed...I just need to vent about the small stuff from time to time. Thanks for listening!