Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's the Most Ex*haus*ting Time of the Year

Ah, yes, OtherDoc's vacation is once again upon us. My days are spent running frenetically back and forth between labor and delivery and the office (seeing mostly his 4 billion prenatal patients), trying to figure out what the hell is going on with any problem patients (he doesn't chart a freaking thing), and deflecting pain medicine requests and ridiculous after hours calls (such as last night 11:40pm "*giggle* I don't know if this is an emergency, but I have a rash and it is getting itchy! Can you tell me what it is? I know I'm not due for two weeks, but can't I just be induced tonight?") My nights are peppered with pages from triage, roughly every 2-3 hours, with patients in labor, hoping to be in labor, who have a hangnail, or nothing better to do at 3 am, and if I'm really lucky, a dash to the hospital for a c-section or a delivery. I've delivered 9 babies since Monday, and there is one in early labor right now. I think I have had at least one delivery every single day except for Friday.

Also, dumbass that I am, I have decided to chose this same 2 week period to attempt a no carb diet, as a "jump start" to losing weight. I'm not very sure if I have made it clear in the past, but I freaking adore carbs. Were it up to me, I would never eat meat again. I would eat spaghetti every single night if it were socially acceptable and Mr. Whoo would let me. I'm going through withdrwal like a proper junkie, headaches, shaking, terrible cravings, etc. , and even though I have lost 6 pounds (and holding at this point) I am in such need of food comfort that it is a struggle to stay on the wagon. I would also like to drink a couple of gallons of wine, but, since I'm running to the hospital all hours of the night, definitely not a good plan, plus, not low carb, either.

I am also in the process of weaning. Bean has become less and less interested in nursing of late. I can only get him to really focus early in the mornings, and even that is inconsistent. I cut my AM pumping session first, followed by my pre-bed pumping session last week, and I am down to only pumping at work during lunchtime. I'll probably drop that session this week. I've survived so far with only a mild case of mastitis. Part of me is sad to let it go, but Bean seems really ready, and I don't mourn the loss of pumping sessions for certain. I always had a goal to make it for a year, and Bean's birthday is on Saturday (can you believe it??)

The job hunt is still on (especially after putting up with all of the BS this week). We are actually considering moving closer to family and friends, to a place we would never have considered in the past, but now it seems to be all that we are thinking about. I've had a few promising leads and conversations, but any interviewing will have to wait until this crazy month is over.

Last but not least, I'm spending any spare time completing my case list for Oral Boards. I have all of my OB and GYN cases entered, but am struggling to get the office cases picked out and entered (too indecisive). I have my case list construction seminar this week, and it will be a welcomed break from all the insanity. I hope that they don't expect the entire list to be finished! I'm a little worried about the breadth of my case list (92 GYN cases, 110 OB cases) because I had a 7-8 week maternity leave in this last year, and I had also cut my patient load before delivery, so I was only getting back to full speed on OB for the second half of the year. The list is due on August 1, so I want it to be done quickly after I return from the seminar.

Well, enough whining for one post! Mr. Bean just crawled into my lap to snuggle. Aw. Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!


Jody said...

Well first off let me say "I'm With ya Sista!" I love carbs. I have said many times to people that when going out to dinner I would always prefer the pasta to the filet lol. Seriously! I could never give them up =(

But I do try and cut back...a little lol.

So maybe just give up on the "no carb" diet at the moment. Concentrate on what you need to do. You Know you won't be able to focus thinking about Lasagna, Ziti and Pizza all day lol.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Okay carb-lover, don't visit my site today, you might cry.

And sounds like a crazy week. It's so hard for OB's when covering other doc's work and even when taking your own vacations on how it affects you before and after you go. I watch my hubby age every time it happens.

Good luck!

Sara said...

I can't believe it's been a year!!!

AtYourCervix said...

Keep it up with the no/low carb diet - it's worth it! Once you get the cravings out of your system, you will feel SO much better. Just remember: protein, protein, protein!

Dragonfly said...

Happy birthday Bean, for yesterday!! Congratulations to Beans mother!

stinkypaw said...

Sure reads like a crazy time, but I've always thought Ob/Gyn were always like that, at least one baby/day! ;-)

Good luck keeping up the pace, with the diet and weaning!

Pale said...

Happy Birthday to the Bean!

My little guy turned one on June 27th! (I started reading just around the time you found out you were pregnant with Bean).

Good luck with everything! Especially the carbs. I decided to try to evict the baby pounds this summer (from all three babies -- eac made their contributions ;) -- and I am not half as stressed and busy as you. I know I should ditch the carbs, too (I'm with you on the pasta!) ... right now I am just getting up at 5:00 three times a week to work with a trainer. I know it would be more effective if I worked harder on what I eat ... but ug! ... meal planning. :P

All the best.


The Finn Family said...

Congrats on nursing for a year, especially with your crazy job! Very, very cool.

I just came upon your blog by accident. You have some great stories. You also must be a very tired woman. ;-)

Midwife with a Knife said...

Wow. I have to say that your stories are one thing that make me hesitent to even consider coming on as the junior person into a 2 person practice which takes call like that!

Good luck with the oral boards list. I think I need to do that next year. This year my MFM writtens should be more than enough.

Anonymous said...'re mentioned (and linked) in the LA Times. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your blog, and I must say I really enjoy your style of writing (I'm an editor, and I don't say that about too many bloggers!)

But I was really dismayed by one brief phrase in this post: "deflecting pain medicine requests." As someone who a horrific induced labor at the hands of a doctor who would not authorize an epidural, all I can say is that statments like this bring the nightmare back all over again. I never wanted all the ridiculous "birth plan" stuff -- I just wanted pain relief.

I never had another child because of my experience. I didn't even know it was POSSIBLE to be refused an epidural, or I never would have gotten pregnant to begin with.

Now my child (who, in addition to having no siblings, has no cousins) has turned out to have autism, and there will be no one to care for him after my husband and I die. Had I not had such a callous doctor, our family's future would look much different.

I've never been back to an OB-GYN since that night more than five years ago.

I can tell by your writing that you're a decent person at heart. Please let that decency extend to patients who are experiencing what could turn out to the the most traumatic experience of their lives. Don't "deflect" pain medicine requests. Honor them. It's the least that someone in a so-called "healing profession" can do.

Anonymous said...

How about considering the Western NY area for relocation? We have outstanding home values, a great place to raise a family and an up and coming Medical Community. We also have a shortage of outstanding OB/GYNs. The city has amazing mansions for a song, the Burbs have excellent schools and very reasonable home prices and the City Private Schools are outstanding and reasonable. We have fantastic sailing and beaches (fresh water!), fantastic skiing and snowboarding south of the city, beautiful hiking and biking trails all over the place and a community that jumps in whenever needed. Take a look at WNY, you'll be glad you did!

dr. whoo? said...

jody~ Well, I took your words to heart over my vacation. Ha. Gotta get back on track!

noble pig~ Your website always makes me swoon! The stuff you makes just seems to die for!

So is that what is aging me so quickly? I know that I have wrinkles where I didn't before. ;)

msilf~ I know! It's flying past.

atyourcervix~ I know. I know it works for me. I just hate it so much. I'll keep plugging away!

dragonfly~ Thank you!

stinkypaw~ Well, one baby a day would be totally do-able if they would deliver between 8 am and 5pm. Unfortunately, babies don't punch the clock!

It usually comes in fits and starts. The worst part is that they will deliver at 2 am, 4 am, and 8 am, then you'll have a full day of office, get home, and go back in for a delivery at 11 pm. Exhausting.

Thanks for the good luck! I need it! :)

palemother~ Congratulations to you, as well! I hear you on the meal planning. Wow, 3 kids, 5 am, and a trainer. Color me impressed. :)

I'd like to have a more set schedule to have protected time to go work out. I know it would make a huge difference. Thanks for reading!

Hi shana and welcome! Thanks for the congrats. I am really proud of nursing through all of the adversity. We are still doing mornings, and will as long as he is interesting. The days of the pump are now past. Woo hoo! Glad you are enjoying the blog :)

MWWAK~ Yeah, I'd say MFM writtens would be *more* than enough for one year! :) Don't let my stories scare you, it's probably not like this for the majority of true 1 in 2 docs.

Don't most MFMs do more consult stuff than their own deliveries these days? I know there are a few that keep their own patients, but I thought the specialty was moving more toward a consultant-type role.

anon 8/03~ Wow! Thanks so much for the tip!

anon 8/04 ~ Ack! First of all, welcome to the blog, and I really appreciate your kind commentary. I am so sorry to hear your story. I couldn't even imagine going through that. Since you are new to the blog, and in light of your personal experience, I can see how my words were misinterpreted.

Allow me to clarify. I don't *ever* (if I can help it) refuse a laboring woman an epidural! Once I get the request, I am there within 30 minutes. Barring medical contraindications (spinal deformity, fetal instability, low platelets, etc.), I am *all about* pain control in labor, should my patients desire it. Hell, I asked for an epidural with my first baby at 1 cm! :)

When I mentioned deflecting pain requests, I meant more along the lines of deflecting drug seeking patients that abuse pain medicine. There are people out there trying to "pull one over" on a covering physician to get more drugs.

I've written a lot about this topic in previous posts and comments, so scroll back to get a little bit of a better idea on my position. To be succint, if you are in labor, or if I did a procedure or surgery on you, you are going to get pain medicine early and often. I'm cautious, not cruel. Thanks for taking the time to share your story, and I hope you keep reading!