Monday, August 04, 2008

I'm Baaaaack

Ack! Long time, no blog, I know. I'm sorry. I suck. I missed you guys, too. A few bullet points to catch up, and a longer post later this week if the L&D gods are kind to me.

~ First and most important, my baby Bean turned 1 year old on July 19th. My *baby*! *sniff*

~ We celebrated with a cookout and cake. Bean ate and smashed his cake to pieces, had a bath, and then slept for 14 hours straight (sugar coma).

~ I had my second blogiversary. Whoa. (How do you spell that? It is a made-up word... makes it difficult!)

~ I delivered 20 babies in the first 23 days of July.

~ I then lapsed into a deep coma, er, "went on vacation."

~ My lovely office staff booked 22 patients (in 3 hours) for my "half day" prior to leaving for vacation.

~ This made me so happy that I started my trip with a "to go" cup of vod.ka and Sprite, just to get the party started right.

~ Driving for 8 hours in the car with a 4 year old and 1 year old (who is not yet big enough to sit facing forward) is a bitch. Even with the aid of vod.ka and Sprite.

~ Even so, my kids are awesome, and were quite well behaved 95% of the time.

~ I visited with my husband's family for 10, boring, I mean, fun filled days in which I subsisted primarily on hot dogs, turkey sandwiches, chips, and spaghetti. Oh, and vodka. So much for low carb.

~ I am fat. I love food. I am screwed.

~ I finished my oral board case list. Woot! Let the angsting over that on which they are going to grill me on commence.

~ I scheduled 4 more interviews. (I know, I said I was done...I wasn't, apparently.)

~ I went to not one, but two of my husband's family reunions. I deserve a medal for that.

~ I also deserve an honorable mention for spending 10 days without any form of air conditioning.

~ I wrote a post for Mothers in Medicine for the "birth story" topic day. Check it out if you want a long-winded account of CindyLou's delivery.

~ My grandfather had a heart attack, a couple of heart caths, and fortunately has made it back home ok. I worry about how much longer he will be with us.

~ Last but not least! Thanks to anonymous for the tip...I got linked in an article by Melissa Healy in the LA Times, y'all! (The LA. Freaking. Times.) I was linked along with some real giants of the blogging world like Kevin, MD, GruntDoc, and Dr. RW. Of course, the rant that was selected to quote I sounded the most unintelligent and angry out of all of them. In fact, I was called "ribald" which means of lowly status or base {boo} or lewdly funny {that's more like it}. I own that, and hey, it's the LA times.

So, I'm certain that lots and lots more than this happened, but these are some of the highlights. Now I have to go clean the house and do laundry so the cleaning lady can find the floors and counter tops tomorrow! It's good to be back!

P.S. Holy crap, it's August. Where did July go?


Anonymous said...

Wow, your bean is one already? My little girl is going to be one Sept. 13th. I just cannot get used to how fast they grow. Love her to pieces still...more and more actually.

Sorry you had such a boring vacation. Two family reunions, eek!

Hope you find a place to work that allows you a slower pace and more time to enjoy the valuable work you do plus family time with people you actually want to be with...


3carnations said...

Our vacation got planned over hubby's family reunion. What are the odds? Luckily they have family reunions every year (does it even count as a reunion?) so I guess we'll *get* to go to the next one.

Unknown said...

I've been reading only a short time, never commented, but I really enjoy reading you!

You should try raspberry vodka and sprite, or diet sprite. Mmmmmmm!

And you deserve a freaking chest full of medals for 10 days without AC...unless it was cold, then forget it!

Congrats on the LA Times!!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

How in the world can your little one be ONE already? I remember I started reading when you were still pregnant! Where has the time gone?!?! I hope it was a WONDERFUL birthday!

Anonymous said...

We need a woman OBGYN to write a book like this one written by an older OBGYN guy (
After reading your style of writing, I am convinced that it should be you!

Amanda said...

glad to have you back. 20 babies in 23 days. WOW! sorry about the Hubby's family. Sounds like us last year. 7 days camping... 6 year old, 3 year old, 1 year old, 6 months pregnant. Fun times I tell ya.

Margaret Polaneczky, MD (aka TBTAM) said...

Welcome back! Awesome mention in the LA times article!

I'm exhausted just reading this post. I head out on vacation tomorrow, and my patients are KILLING me this week, I swear they somehow know it's my vacation time and deliberately do this to me....

Happy B-day to Bean.

Jody said...

Wow I'm the first poster!! Well I was going to say "where the Hell have you been.." LOL but instead I'll say "welcome home".

Your month sounds erh exhausting. Sit down after cleaning and sip some wine.

And keep posting please. We love your rants and raves.

AtYourCervix said...

yeah, August is here. July went so freaking fast (and furious!). Welcome back to the land of blogging.

The Triage Queen said...

I read the article... I looked up ribald - but if I would have kept reading, you told me what it meant!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Baby Bean is already one!!! That is c-r-a-z-y.

Also, dude, you're totally famous. And I am jealous!

Miss you, friend.

Oh, PS, which rant was selected to quote?