Saturday, May 16, 2009


I'm writing you this letter because I know I'll never get to say any of these things in real life. You are a major contributing factor to why I am leaving this practice. This, I am certain, is no surprise to you. You are the *worst* office manager I have ever had the good fortune to know. From the beginning, you have viewed me as a threat to your husband (and to you) and have treated me as such. Your sabotage is blatant. From telling patients that they were not *allowed* to transfer to me, to conveniently *not billing* for procedures that I have done, to blatantly attributing payments meant for me to your me, I know what you have done.

You don't know shit about running an office. You couldn't manage personnel if your life depended on it, and you let the inmates run the asylum. You say it is "inconsiderate" of me to make patients reschedule an appointment when they arrive 30 minutes late (without calling), yet is perfectly considerate (in your opinion) to let patients wait 3 hours to see your husband's nurse, as he is off at the hospital for another delivery. Oh yes, and it is also very *considerate* of patients to tell them they need to transfer to another office if they want to see me as their physician. Totally ethical. It is abundantly clear that the *only* thing you care about is money (really, $6000 window treatments and a new Mer.cedes every 6 months??) It is no wonder that your husband works like he does: 1) he needs to support your inordinate spending, and 2) I am sure he'd prefer to steer as clear of you as possible. You think that you are my boss, and can tell me who I have to see, but let me assure you, you have no power over me. I'm sure it gives you great pleasure that you are the one that makes the call schedule, and you relish not putting out the new schedule until half of the month is already over.

You treat my nurse, who is the best freaking employee in that office, like she is dirt beneath your feet, all the while claiming to be a "good Christian." You kiss the ass of the employees that sleep on the desk, shop online during office hours, and shirk their responsibilities. Your hypocrisy sickens me. Your faux concern is laughable, and I cannot *wait* to be rid of your fake, bitch ass. Every physician that interviews here, I am telling to steer the eff clear of you and your "office management." If the hospital had any idea how much money you were costing them, perhaps it would motivate them to grow a pair and fire your ass.

So, yes, mission accomplished, you have run me out of town, but you won't have another physician in my place to screw over and to split your overhead. As for your humanitarian shortcomings, "Judgement is mine, sayeth the Lord." I'd be making atonement, if I were you. Here's hoping that you get *everything* that you deserve.

Most Sincerely,
Dr. Whoo


Alison aka Baby B said...

She sounds HORRIBLE.

Glad you will soon be rid of her!

Taking Heart said...

You are not bitter or anything.... lol.
She sounds like a winner!

dr. whoo? said...

Alison~ Yes, I am counting down....8 weeks to go! :)

That Girl~ Oh no, totally not bitter! ;) Especially now that I have it all off of my chest!

Cat said...

Are you sure you and OMFH can't be BFFs? I mean, she's a "good Christian"!

But seriously, I can't believe you didn't run faster and sooner. My gawd!

Anonymous said...

Hope your remaining time with OMFH goes quickly.
Amy in OH

Joy@WDDCH said...

Bet that felt GOOOOOOOOD!

Dr. Maria said...

Tell 'er girl ! Good riddance ! Onward! Upward !

The Girl said...

Wow, you must be a saint to put up with that kind of behaviour for so long!!!

Anonymous said...

Aren't there legal ramifications to improper billing?

Anonymous said...

That had to feel good to get that off your chest. What a relief to be rid of her soon.

ER's Mom said...

Sending good vibes your way...because the other side is SO much better!

mamadoc said...

What a witch! Never, ever work in an office which employees a doctor's spouse in a responsible position--it's never good to have an employee who sleeps with the boss!

The Mommy Doc said...

My SIL, an OB-Gyn as well, left an incredibly malignant practice similar to yours almost 10yrs ago, run by a husband/owner and wife/manager. The combination was very demeaning and stressful for the other doctors (especially having an office manager telling a physician what she can and cannot do in her practice). As a result, they could not keep any doctors for very long. She is still, 10yrs later, thankful that she left when she did and didn't stay a second longer.

MomTFH said...

Oh, run away! Run away!

It is going to feel so good when you're gone.

prachi said...

I am glad you are leaving Dr Whoo

ABC said...

I hope the remaining weeks pass by quickly for you. Truly, judgment belongs to the Lord. You may never know how He decides to reward her for the things she has done, but I hope you will be able to rest assured that you did no wrong.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Ob/gyn Kenobi: As the daughter of a doctor, I have seen more office politics play out than you can imagine. When it starts to go south, get out.

Liz Ditz said...

Have you read Bob Sutton's The No A$$hole rule? Sounds like OMFH could use some tuition.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are getting out of that place!

MBMeadows said...

LOVE it!!!!!

~Ashley said...

Oh wow...that sounds like a nightmare--I'm guessing she's just office manager because her husband's the main doc there? Do you feel like in taking the job there were "warning signs" that you could have seen about her before getting in there? Or other questions you should have asked about the office situation? (I'm asking not to be accusatory, but in real earnest b/c I'm a resident who will be facing the "choose an office" struggle one of these days..and wondering if you have any words of wisdom as to what you would have done differently). Also, I really hate when I hear about "Christian people" being such horrible witnesses to those who aren't Christians. Not only are they making all of Christianity look horrible, I think they are more effective at driving people away from Christ than those crazy people who stand on the street corners and preach/prophesy...

Laura said...

I bet you feel better getting that off your chest. Whew!

dr. whoo? said...

Cat~ The funny thing is, she thinks we are "good friends." Or, at least she says we are! OMG! If that is how you treat "good friends" how do you treat your enemies?

Amy in OH~ Thank you, my dear. From your lips to God's ears!

Joy~ Boy, did it ever. :)

Dr. Maria~ Yes! Upward and just a few short weeks! Whee!

The Girl~ Saint! Ha! That's I am just incredibly masochistic, apparently. I can take a lot of pain, but enough is enough! ;)

Anonymous~ You would think so, wouldn't you? I brought the billing discrepancies to the attention of my superiors several times, and each time it was swept under the rug. You see, we both work for the hospital, so all of the money is essentially going to the same place, but the credit is being misplaced. The "credit" for the billing is how we earn "bonuses." Funny, I have never been credited for a bonus, yet OtherDoc maxes his bonus out every year...fishy, huh?

Anonymous~ Blogging really is such a pressure release for me. I think it helps me hold on to the single strand of sanity that I have left!

ER's Mom~ Thank you for the good vibes! Can't wait to be on the other side!! :)

mamadoc~ You are so right! Hopefully my cautionary tale will help some young ingenue from making the same mistake! :)

The Mommy Doc~ Thank you for sharing your SIL's story with me. Strangely, instead of making me feel better, it saddens me to know there are others suffering like this out there! Good to know there is life on the other side! Thanks for the good luck wishes!

MomTFH~ I don't think I will know what to do with myself when it is all over. I think it will be like a bad dream!

prachi~ Me too. Can't wait!

L.~ You are right, and I thank you for your kind words. Here's hoping the weeks fly by.

Anonymous~ Thank you, you are 100%correct, and I am running as fast as I can.

Liz Ditz~ No, I haven't read it. I will look into it, and maybe I'll give it to her as a "going away present!" :)

Anonymous~ Thank you, me too!

Momma~ Haha! Thanks! :)

Ashley~ Hi! She was the office manager for her husband for 12 years before they became hospital employees. They deny this, but I am pretty sure that it is somehow tied to his contract that she be the manager in that office.

I was uncomfortable about the husband/wife combination from the start, but felt falsely protected because I (mistakenly) believed that the hospital did the billing, not her. In hindsight, I would never get involved in a practice that has family members of any kind in positions of authority. That is my best advice to you (good luck!!) Also, hire someone to review any contract before you sign it....know what you are getting into, and know how you can get out of it.

As for people proclaiming Christian faith and then acting decidedly non-Christian, I am right there with you. I'm not one to prostyletize, either, but it saddens me when those that choose to do so provide less than stellar examples.

Laura~ You have no idea. This blog is such a great outlet.

OMDG said...

Isn't it amazing how one single person can make our lives hell? You're fortunate to be out of there.

MassRes said...

I am going to be a 2010 ob grad and am starting to look for jobs. Could you do me a favor and write a post on do's/don'ts of the job search and perhaps what would have done differently. I would REALLY appreciate it!!