Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Things I Say Almost Every Day**

One thing that I love about my job is that it is ever-changing, and there are no two days that are exactly the same. That being said, I have my own daily script that I find myself reciting as I move through the more routine parts of my days in the office and on labor and delivery. My nurse could probably come up with a million more things (since she gets to listen to my spiel 30+ times a day), but these were the first off of the top of my head:

1. That's normal.

2. You're going to feel a little pressure.

3. Are you feeling any pressure?

4. Do you have any questions?

5. In a normal cycle, you have a rise of estrogen, then ovulation, then a rise of progesterone. If you don't become pregnant, then your progesterone level will fall and *then* you will have a period.

6. That's normal.

7. Take a deep breath.

8. Now, wiggle your toes.

9. No one will know your breasts better than you.

10. Tell me about what has been bothering you.

11. Is that interfering in your daily life? How?

12. The definition of menopause is no periods for one year.

13. It takes two 16 oz packages of cottage cheese to equal the Calcium in one 8 oz glass of milk.

14. You can do this.

15. Congratulations!

16. There are risks, benefits, side effects, and alternatives...

17. I'm sorry for your loss.

18. That can be normal.

19. I know it is counter intuitive to "relax" but try to make your muscles as loose as possible.

20. Do you understand?

21. Tell me what you know about birth control, then tell me what you would like to know.

22. That is a normal physiologic change of pregnancy.

23. I promise that you won't be pregnant forever (usually after discussing our elective induction policy of no earlier than 41 weeks gestation.)

24. How can I help you today?

25. I know this is scary, but I am going to talk you through it.

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Kerri said...

I just went to my OB and she said MANY of those same things!

RoseAG said...

Have you ever played with wordle?

It's www.wordle.net

If you throw your list into it the word that comes out in the biggest text is, big surprise - normal.

Always a happy word to hear at the doctor.

Anonymous said...

"Its normal", yup thats what my OB keeps telling me. Im waiting for her to roll her eyes and say "you're a freak!"

(At least I know in Family practice that is what we think and dont say!)

Ciarin said...

Don't forget - Drink more water!

wearelearningparents said...

only 25 phrases in a day? u should add another.hehehe

mitchsmom said...

There are a couple your list that I WISH I heard our OB's say ...

Angela said...

As a fellow ob, I parrot off many of those myself everyday.

I always try and remind my patients that they don't want me to think anything is actually abnormal when they come in.