Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Pregnancy Companion

The Pregnancy Companion is a pregnancy book co-written by physician and patient (and friends) Dr. Heather Rupe and Jessica Wolstenholm . In a market that is flooded with pregnancy advice books, what makes this particular book stand out from the rest? Well, actually, a couple of things! First and foremost, this book is written from a faith-based perspective, and the authors do a great job of weaving their faith, pertinent bible passages, and religious tenets within the chapters along with personal anecdotes and solid medical information. I'm hardly an expert on the pregnancy advice book market, but, I would imagine there is a paucity of advice books which incorporate faith. For Christians, it is comforting to have this additional guidance along the uncertain road that pregnancy (and pregnancy loss) can be. Dr. Rupe's medical information is solid throughout the book and written in such a way that it is easy to understand for people who do not come from a medical background. She writes in a fluent and easy way that flows off the page, and her counterpart, Jessica, draws the reader in much as a trusted confidant or long time girlfriend. Reading the book, you can easily read it cover to cover, or chapter to chapter, based on the stage of pregnancy/information you wish to obtain. In addition, the sections on pregnancy loss and personal anecdotes from both of the authors feel very personal, and create the impression in the reader that they are receiving advice from a trusted physician and a good friend. The Pregnancy Companion stands on its own as a complete pregnancy guide, complete with the requisite "month by month" stats and checklists, but this book goes even further, delving into the spiritual side of pregnancy, how it changes us, those who care for us, and how it can, if we choose to let it, bring us closer to God. Brava, Dr. Rupe and Ms. Wolstenholm, on your book, it is a truly wonderful reference to mothers and mothers-to-be.


Dana said...

I'm glad for this recommendation, particularly since the book has something written about loss. So many pregnancy books have maybe a page about loss. As someone who has had 3 losses so far and is now waiting to miscarry again, I really appreciate books paying more attention to this very real part of pregnancy.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful review! Jessica is an acquaintance of mine... I am a very good friend of her sister-in-law. I've really been wanting to read the book, and appreciate your words on it.

Just discovered your blog, and think I'll follow along. I'm looking forward to reading more. I am a childbirth educator, writing my first book (an eBook) on natural childbirth in a hospital setting. I would love for you to read it when it's completed.

Have a blessed weekend!