Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Things I Say Every Day (Home Edition)**

1. Good morning, sunshines!

2. I love you.

3. No.

4. What do you say?

5. Hmmmmm?

6. Put your clothes in the hamper.

7. Stop teasing your brother.

8. Stop torturing your sister.

9. Sorry, you cannot have mac and cheese for breakfast.

10. Sooooo, whatcha want to do for dinner tonight?

11. Thank you for (doing laundry, the dishes, going shopping) honey!

12. Are you ready for a bath time? A bath time party? This is old CindyLou (and Bean) ready to get that bath time started....

13. So, tell me about what you learned today...

14. I need some snuggles (or, the abbreviated, "snugs")!

15. I missed you today.

16. Did you set the DVR?

17. No, no, it is (CindyLou's/Bean's) turn to sit in the front of the tub.

18. Pick out the book you want to read tonight.

19. What was your very favorite part of today?

20. Good night, sleep tight, sweet dreams...see you in the morning.

21. Ahhhh, adult time!

22. We need to go to bed earlier.

23. I am going to bed early tomorrow.

24. I love this show!

25. Maybe we can work out....tomorrow.


Kyla said...

Sound like we probably do the same thing in the evening...tuck the kids in and watch TV with the husband while thinking about what we should be doing...namely sleeping or working out. LOL!

Liz Ditz said...

#9 -- turns out I don't like breakfast for breakfast, I like left-over dinner for breakfast. I made dinner accordingly. What could be better than some chicken & reheated baked potatoes? Or reheated mac & cheese, with a beaten egg for protein? Or egg-drop soup*, with an apple-sauce chaser? Or even (memorably) egg-drop soup with pineapple chunks, which was a craze in the family one episode. Kind of like kettle-corn in the flavor symphony.

The ones I said, back in the day, that you left out:

"Dinner will be served when you have set the table"

"Chew with your mouth closed, please."

"Dessert will be available when the dinner dishes are in the dishwasher" (that was our drill then)

And when child A was tormenting child B, or vice versa, and complained to me (A & B were at least 5 & 7):

"Hmmmn. That certainly sounds annoying. What are your ideas about some solutions?"

*per serving: add 4 liquid ounces of chicken broth to 4 ounces of water with a splash of soy sauce or tamari. Heat to a rolling boil. Meanwhile, thoroughly beat 2 eggs (or egg substitute or egg whites). (If you are using whole eggs, adding about a tablespoon of water will improve the outcome). While gently stirring the boiling broth in a circular manner all the while, drizzle the egg mixture into the broth. Take off the heat and continue to stir gently for about 30 seconds.

Fizzy said...

For me, it's "Do you need to use the potty? Are you sure? Are you sure???"

Hey, I saw you commented on my cartoon blog. Can I put up a link to your blog? Would you put up a link to mine?

dr. whoo? said...

Kyla~ Yes, the universal struggle of busy people with kids! :) Glad to know I am not alone! Thank you for reading!

Liz~ Oh, don't get me wrong, I love non-breakfast food for breakfast...leftover chinese, pizza, spaghetti....mmmm. However, when your 2 year-old asks routinely for macaroni and cheese (and beer!) for breakfast, sometimes, you gotta put your foot down! :) Thanks for the recipe, I heart egg drop soup!

Fizzy~ Hi! Yes! ...and done! :) (Couldn't resist commenting on your OB resident cartoon, had to stand up for my frazzled bretheren!)

Fizzy said...

I was actually nervous about posting that ob/gyn cartoon! (Especially since I've adored every ob/gyn I've seen as a patient.) But I finally decided that every ob/gyn knows the stereotype and those that have a good sense of humor (such as yourself :) can laugh about it.

mamadoc said...

For a nice, compressed version of all of the above check out Anita Renfroe's I'M the Mom on you tube. It's hilarious.

Unknown said...

21-25 right on the nose!