Saturday, August 05, 2006

Copycat, copycat

Herein let it be known that I am, indeed, an honest-to-goodness copycat. I came into the blogger world via the (very popular) blog that my friend from college maintains (beautifully, I might add...flatter, flatter.) She is fabulously creative and fun, and in many ways I aspire to her verbosity. I have been a little afraid that she would happen upon this blog and cry copycat, since I started this blog after reading hers, so I am coming clean up front. The fact that I started a blog on the same site is where the similarities end, however. She is far better than I at this than I could ever hope to be. I also have been cyber-stalking her ever since she sent me the link to her blog because we have somewhat lost touch (hopefully, just due to mutual procrastination, and not due to deliberate intent) in the last few years and it is cool to catch up on everything that is going on in her world. At any rate, I will add her to my blogroll and if she happens to stumble across the site now, hi from your (very) old roommate :)


Guinness_Girl said...

HI!!!!! Of course the falling out of touch is mutual procrastination, silly goose! And - I love your blog! Besides, you unduly flatter me. (But I love it.)

You sound all smartypants and grownup!!!!

dr. whoo? said...

No undue flattery here! I'm glad you like reading it. Smartypants and grownup? Let's not get too crazy, here :)