Saturday, August 05, 2006


TOA lady will likely go home today or tomorrow. I pulled her JP drain today, and if she continues to tolerate a regular diet she will be able to go home and start picking up the pieces of her shattered fertility. None of the fluid or blood cultures grew out any other bacteria except for the inital culture which showed trichomonas. I have never heard of a TOA caused by trich. Time to do some research, I may have a case report.


Anonymous said...

She didn't grow even any mixed flora? I just learned the other day that one can get PID from things other than GC and chlamydia.

dr. whoo? said...

No, and unfortunately sometimes you won't get any kind of positive culture if they are on antibiotics for a few days, as this patient was. You are correct that other flora can cause PID/TOA, but the bottom line is, I'll likely never know the true bug that started it all.