Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ha ha ha ha HA!

FSU football sucks! God, please let this be a catalyst for change in our program. Distressing, this night. What a freaking joke. WAKE FREAKING FOREST OWNS US!!! I am laughing...if not, I would be crying. Unbelievable. Fire Jeff Bowden. That is all.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. So now I'll let you know my online user name. I'm known online as missgamecock (University of South Carolina Gamecocks!). I was anon that had the lap and my doc found adhesions. (He doesn't have a clue about SC football as he sent me to a perinatologist that graduated from CLEMSON! Yeah I found that out the day she sent me to have my daughter. I had comanaged care. It was lunch and she said today was the day as baby had decels on the NST. While we were waiting for him to call her back, I finally asked her where she was from? Cause she sounded like home and I live in NY. She said SC. I said OMG so am I. Then she asked me what college I had graduated. I said USC. She said I graduated from Clemson. Imagine my ob's surprise when he walked into L&D to check me in and I was giving him grief about sending me to a dr that went to Clemson. The poor guy had no idea what I was talking about. I finally said, call Dr. XXXXX and have her explain it to you. Clemson aside, She went to MUSC and well when I do get pregnant again, I'll go back to her and my ob. Oh and we have Steve now. YAHOO!

Anonymous said...

I know. I KNOW. GAH.

Anonymous said...

AMEN Sister!

dr. whoo? said...

missgamecock~ Ah, yes, old Stevie almost had those Gators beaten at home. Stupid kicking game. I was rooting for your team! Funny about your OB. USC fans are totally a rabid bunch. I think it is awesome. Glad to "know" your web name. :)

GG~ Craziness. Did you see the post above? I shoulda wished for a million dollars instead!

Mrs. Mom~ Our program is in shambles. We are done for the rest of this year, and will be lucky to get to the Car Care Bowl! At least we can start looking forward to next year with a new OC.

The gates will likely kick us up and down the field, but against USC, they did look beatable. I'll still torture myself and watch. Just can't help it.

jlcnole~ Hi and welcome to a fellow miserable 'Nole fan! Brighter days surely must be ahead!