Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Quick Update

I am whipped, as the laboring patients just keep on coming. I've also 4 big surgeries tomorrow. CindyLou is all better. No more pukiness, but she hasn't been sleeping all that well since the vomit incident. Hopefully she will settle back down soon, and she seems none the worse for wear. She is back to her normal sunny self, thank goodness!

As for the little July bean, it is still only a bean. The USG shows a 5w2d gestational sac with yolk sac. (EDC July 29) It seems to look ok (good decidual reaction, etc.), but I'm concerned because I figured my dates to be about 6 weeks. It is definitely feasible (TMI) that conception happened on Nov. 4th, but I figure that's a little late for ovulation. HcG is about 10,000 (ok, but really should see a heartbeat around this level) and progesterone is a little lower than I am happy with at 14.5. So, I may be dealing with an SAB, which sucks, but it happens. I'm waffling on supplementation, since there really is no evidence that it helps (it just may make me feel like I am doing *something*!)

Nothing to do but wait and see. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. I'll repeat the USG next week and pray a lot between now and then. The good news is that I conceived within 2 months of trying, so I still have decent fertility. This may be the universe's way of telling me to get into better shape before I start a pregnancy. Thank all of you for your wonderful comments and concerns. I promise to write more this weekend when I am finally free of laboring women for a full 2 days. (Yippee!) You guys are awesome, I mean it.


Jawndoejah said...

Oh, I hope your hcg keeps going up, and that you get good progesterone! I would have a hard time not taking supplimentation, but with my progesterone at 14 it didn't help at all (but my hcg was very low at that point). I will say my 5th born was measured at 5 weeks 3 days when we were "supposed" to be at 6 weeks 2 days. There was only a sac at that time, and the tech said I would most likely miscarry. One week later we were measuring still behind, but there was a heart beat. She delivered a week before her edd on sonogram, but only two days before edd from lmp (actually quick miscarriage but it was so quick it was like a period). So, there is always hope! Blessings!

Congratulations on the new little one and glue!

Jawndoejah said...

Hey, my 5th born was due on July 29th by lmp...by ultrasound she was due Aug 3. She came July 27th 2005.

Jawndoejah said...

Reading over this again,

what is a SAB (miscarriage???). Also, I know on my 1st sonogram I was told I had a "long uterus" with the baby implanting "high" which made it hard to see. I didn't even have a yolk sac, much less a heart beat at that point. Oh, I looked back at my 5th born's stats. By LMP (which was not a period but was actually a very early miscarriage that had only progesterone at 11 and hcg at 14 when I tested) I was supposed to be 7 weeks and 3 days. Sonogram showed 5 weeks 2 days. I was given little hope at that point. The next week, I saw the fetal pole and heart beat. It measured 6 weeks 4 days. She's a healthy 16 month old now. I don't know where my hcg was at that point, my ob only checked for doubling properly at the 4 week levels...and I was doubling.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I totally missed the announcement for the baby bean! Congratulations and I will cross my fingers ('cause that helps, right?) :)

Dr. K said...

I'm holding thumbs that little July bean is just fine and that you are being a worry-wart Ob/Gyn. ;)

Sarebear said...

I'll be praying for you too . . . I don't know what SAB means, but it sounds like possibly the worst from what else you say.

Anonymous said...

Congrats and take care of yourself.
I enjoy reading about your adventures in labor and delivery.

Awesome Mom said...

I missed your earlier post so I will congratulate you now. I hope that it works out and I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes on your waiting and seeing...Waiting is hard.

Fat Doctor said...

Stop being your own doctor, you fool! Is Other Doc your only option for good obstetrical care? Sounds like an arse. Praying for your bean. She'll be fine, I think, but I understand your concerns.

Anonymous said...

Stick bean stick. Ok, I could never be an obgyn and be pregnant at the same time. I would drive myself crazy of the what ifs. I hope the baby is ok. I'm sure it will be.

Hope your work schedule lightens up a bit. End of July is a great time for a baby. I found being pregnant during the summer was easiest (sandals, tshirt, and maternity shorts!) as long as you have ac.

medstudentitis said...

I totally missed the Bean announcement too! The bean is in my thoughts.

Glad CindyLou is feeling better, being sick sucks.

dr. whoo? said...

jawndoejah~ Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your stories with me! SAB = spontaneous abortion which is the medical term for a miscarriage. I realize that term is less than palatable to the population at large.

I am really at peace with whatever happens with the pregnancy at this point. If it is meant to be it will be.

frectis~ Hi and thank you! Yes, every good thought helps. :)

dr. k~ I probably am being a bit of a worrywart, but I know what is in the "normal" range and the "not-so-normal" range. Every pregnancy is different, though. We shall see. I truly appreciate your kind thoughts and sentiments.

sarebear~ Thank you. :)

hi anon~ I am so glad that you enjoy reading about my (mis)adventures! Thanks. :)

awesome mom~ Hi and thanks for the congrats! Hopefully it will all pan out in favor of a sticky pregnancy.

mrs. mom~ Thank you so much. Prayers are very much appreciated. Hope you are doing well!

3carnations~ The waiting is the hardest part... (your comment immediately conjured up Tom Petty for me. Now I'll be singing it all night!) :) Thanks for the good wishes. I can handle the waiting, I think.

FD~ Ha! What? I just ordered my own prenate labs and dating USG. I'm waiting for an appointment at the University Hospital a few miles up the road.

Going to any other OB doc in town (i.e. my competition) is out. Plus, I really don't feel like delivering at the hospital in which I work (BTDT with CindyLou, did not like it.)

While OtherDoc is a good OB, I just feel like it would irreparably alter our professional relationship if he cared for my pregnancy, and, heaven forbid, I didn't get a good outcome. Some things you just can't overcome, you know?

Thanks for the prayers :)

miss gamecock~ Thanks for the sticky thoughts! Hee. I'm doing my best to not drive myself batty with the "what ifs." It's difficult. I would not make it without AC, pregnant or not. Seriously.

amy1970~ Yea, too much knowledge stinks! LOL Like I said above, I feel really at peace, whatever the destiny of this pregnancy. I know that most 1st trimester miscarriages are due to genetic abnormalities, and there just simply isn't a thing I can do to make the pregancy viable. Tough realization for a control freak, but I'm coping. Thanks for the prayers. Good luck with your treatments!

medstudentitis~ Thank you :) Things are rather tenuous at this point, but we shall see. Good thoughts are always appreciated!

CindyLou is all spit and vinegar these days. I think Christmas is going to be really awesome with her this year.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to let you know that my OB Gyn praises prometrium. I had to use it with my 2nd pegnancy and now my third. I am taking it twice a day vaginally. Things have really looked up from an 8.3 progesterone to an ultrasound with a strong heart beat. I know that all misscarriages can not be prevented. My doctor told me that prometrium helps to prevent unnecessary miscarriages among a lot of women who could carry even faced with having low progesterone levels. I know of many success stories. It is worth it!